This week: getting woolly

getting woolly

Spike Island director Helen Legg's first Arduino project

Full-on with training the staff this week in programming and electronix. Blinky lights, spinny motors, tinny speakers, woolly beards. Workshops for artists and designers also booked in for next couple of weeks. And haven’t forgotten about sensoring the building – only it’ll be done by the Spikers themselves, not me. Here director Helen Legg tests out a distance sensor controlling an LED, prototype for monitoring people in the gallery. Curator Marie-Anne McQuay helped make the worlds simplest theremin, in preparation for an upcoming exhibition which features a proper one (and the granddaughter of Leon Theremin playing it, to boot). Asst Curator Charlotte Heatherington made a twisty knob motor thingie, for no good reason in particular. Cafe manager Nemia MacLachlan made a momentary-button-triggered LED (AKA a light switch), aiming to create a whole LED grid related to coffee drinks.

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