Week 5 – a bit of a blur

The final week of Sprint 1 was all a bit of a blur. As we had the Future Everything conference on the Friday, my thoughts were on the presentation.

We also did some work on our Polargraph¬†which was not behaving very well at all. This was disappointing as we’d hope to get it working before Future Everything. What was cool though, was that we saw some Polargraphs in action at the conference, Stuart Childs and Matt Venn had their super machines in action. Matt is doing stuff with Energy Monitoring

The Manchester Museum of Science and Industry is a great place, I especially enjoyed looking at the big steam engines and railway engines in the Power Hall. Took my mind of our talk which went OK! It was fun to see Linda and Nat our fellow residents from Bristol and Brighton galleries respectively.

.. and relax! (Chris the researcher, me and Nat looking interested.. I think!)

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