University of Warwick

Our research team is based at the Centre for Cultural Policy Studies at University of Warwick. The Centre for Cultural Policy Studies was established in 1993 to provide a focus for research and postgraduate teaching in the fields of cultural management, cultural policy and the creative industries. The Centre’s researchers aim to examine the connection between one-off digital innovation and longer term organizational transformation and will be working with the arts and technology partners to identify how organizational creativity and disruptive innovation feed off each other through the duration of this project. The team comprises Dr Chris Bilton and Ruth Leary from University of Warwick and Katherine Jewkes from Arts Collective, a consultancy specializing in theatre, digital technology and its application in the arts. Chris is the Centre Director and author of various publications on management and creativity while Ruth is the director of the Centre’s MA in Creative and Media Enterprises with research interests in creativity theory and intellectual property rights. Katherine is a graduate from the Centre and a successful theatre producer and consultant, currently advising Battersea Arts Centre and Videojuicer on another NESTA digital R&D project.